Verdeterre was fortunate that Covid-19 did not have a significant impact on the overall operations and financial performance for Verdeterre in 2020. The field teams were shut down for 7 weeks, and thanks to a timely SBA-PPP Loan, all team members received 40 hour checks and full benefits during the Covid-vacation. There were some struggles and learning curves with remote work for the office staff as well as making sure to adhere to all of the MIOSHA rules necessary for the field teams to follow, but over all the entire Verdeterre Team came through 2020 and Covid mostly unscathed. Our yearly company picnic and Naples, FL leadership training were canceled in 2020 but dates for 2021 are already in the works!
Verdeterre completes an office expansion project doubling the previous size and renovating the original space to better accommodate current and future growth needs. The expansion included all new IT equipment, new office furniture, a modern conference room and a new sign. A new website is also launched. Verdeterre also finished up a two year $2 million dollar capital expansion program expanding and updating our fleet to include enough Caterpillar and John Deere iron providing the resources needed for the company’s four field crews.
Chris Brown graduates college with a civil engineering degree and joins Verdeterre full time. Verdeterre branches off into site preparation and grading and adds a second crew for the first time. This is the beginning of the changing of the guard and the introduction of modern technology to a very old school construction company.
Verdeterre is founded by Dan and Mary Brown. A family company, the Brown’s unanimously choose to name the company “Verdeterre”, French for “worm of the earth,” or simply “earthworm.” Verdeterre initially performs site utility installation only for a select group of public and private clients via open cut construction.
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